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Projects Update

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Terminal Mechanical Systems Upgrades -  Boiler Replacement: This project will replace the Airport Terminal Buildings’ two (2) low pressure steam boilers and one (1) domestic hot water boiler with five (5) new gas fired, fire tube water boilers and one (1) new domestic hot water heater. The boilers being replaced all exceeded their useful service life and the new boilers will be significantly more energy efficient. The new boilers will provide adequate heat and hot water for the entire terminal building. The project budget, which is $710,478.00, is being funded within the Airport’s Capital Improvement Program. Completion is expected by the end of October, 2017.

Apron Isolated Panel Replacement: This project will upgrade the Airport’s infrastructure. The purpose of the project is to repair various distresses to improve the overall quality of the apron. The improvements to the apron include multiple full panel replacements, partial depth repairs, crack and/or spall repair, and joint seal repair. Site work is scheduled to begin September 25, 2017 with construction scheduled for 255 days. The project budget, which is $3,521,301.00 will be funded with FAA (90%) and Airport (10%) funds.


CCTV and Access Control System Upgrades: This project will enhance safety and security at the Airport by replacing outdated cameras, video storage and access control systems. The project is currently in the final design stage.

Some highlights of the project are:

  • CCTV and Video Management System Replacement
  • Replacement of Existing Cameras
  • SOC Work Station Upgrades
  • Access Control System Upgrades and Replacement
  • Security Network and Cabling Infrastructure
  • UPS and Security System Power
  • Access Control Door Hardware Replacement and Service

The project budget is $1,300,000.00 and will be funded with FAA (90%) and Airport (10%) funds.